BotanicLab, maker of PC-SPES,Issues Product Recall

The first tangible indication of real trouble began February 7, 2002 with a warning from the California Department of Health. Shortly thereafter, BotanicLAB, the maker of PC-SPES, voluntarily recalled the product, and on June 1, 2002, the company ceased operation. On February 14, 2003, California Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally introduced into the state legislature AB-421, a bill to revive PC-SPES.

However, on June 2, 2003, a grand jury in Orange County, CA issued criminal indictments against the principles of the company (Sophie and John Chen and Alan Wang). Arraignment is scheduled for June 23

California AB-421 has been put on hold, and the estimated 10,000 American men who had been using PC-SPES to control their prostate cancer are now looking for other remedies. And the scientists who had been keenly interested in this novel compound are now in a quandry.

The outcome of this legal case will be watched with intense interest by both the lay and scientific communities.

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The first scientific conference devoted to the herbal compound PC-SPES was sponsored by USRF and held at the CapCURE Foundation in Santa Monica, CA, October 15, 2001. Scientists, both basic and applied, as well as representatives of government, industry, academia and consumer advocacy groups participated.

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  Howard Soule   Howard Soule, Ph.D.
CapCURE Foundation

  Sophie Chen, Ph.D.
New York Medical College

"PC-SPES, Historical and scientific insights"
  Leonard Marks   Leonard S. Marks, M.D.
UCLA School of Medicine and USRF

"Introductions, background, mission statement"
  Mark Blumenthal
American Botanical Council

"Herbal therapy of prostate cancer"
  Mark Blumenthal
  Arie Belldegrun   Arie Belldegrun, M.D.
UCLA School of Medicine

"Medical therapy of advanced prostate cancer"
  Robert DiPaola, M.D.
NJSMD-Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine

"PC-SPES, Clinical and biological activity"
  Robert DiPaola
  Franklin Lowe   Franklin Lowe, M.D.
Columbia University School of Medicine

"Alternative therapy of prostate cancer"
  Peter Nelson, M.D.
University of Washington School of Medicine

"PC-SPES, Clinically relevant molecular pathways"
  Peter Nelson
  Floyd E. Leaders, Jr   Floyd Leaders, Jr., Ph.D.
Botanical Enterprises, Inc. (BEI-Botanicals)

"Herbal medicine and the FDA"
  Leonard S. Marks, M.D.
UCLA School of Medicine and USRF

"PC-SPES, overview of clinical trials"
  Leonard Marks