Breaking News in Urology

In Playboy Magazine (of all places), Saw palmetto extract has been strongly endorsed for treatment of symptomatic BPH by
Dr. Andew Weil, the pre-eminent alternative medicine guru.

"Dr. Weil's Rx for Guys"
by David Sheff
Playboy Magazine
December, 1997 (page 146)

Excerpt (page 158):

"If you experience prostate enlargement, I'd advise taking Saw palmetto, an herbal remedy made from the partially dried berries of Serenoa repens, a small palm native to the southeastern U.S. Saw palmetto protects the prostate from the irritating effects of testosterone and promotes shrinkage of the gland. The best form is a standard extract, taken as 160 mg twice a day."

-- Andrew Weil, M.D.

Despite this ringing endorsement, neither Dr. Weil nor anyone else has scientific evidence that these extracts are of any proven merit.

We are studying Saw palmetto!

Medical Update: Saw palmetto

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