Breaking News in Urology

February 1, 1999
Abstracted from Wall Street Journal

Value of Early Screening
For Prostate Cancer Is Touted

by Marilyn Chase, The Health Journal

A blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), enthusiastically used since the 1980s to screen men for prostate cancer (CaP), has gotten a major boost from researchers at the Mayo Clinic. According to the Wall Street Journal, "a new study appears to validate men's faith in the power of early detection." The study, published in the February issue of Journal of Urology, reports that in the Mayo Clinic area of Olmstead County, MN, the death rate from CaP declined 22% between 1980 and 1997. While more frequent use of curative surgery was probably a co-factor, the fundamental change leading to this great improvement was most likely the advent during these years of PSA screening, leading to a breakthrough in early detection of the disease.

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