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February 9, 1999
Abstracted from CNN Interactive

Sexual Dysfunction
is Widespread in U.S., Study Says

CHICAGO (CNN) -- Thirty-one percent of men and 43 percent of women regularly suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction, warranting recognition as a significant public health concern, according to a new comprehensive U.S. sex study.

According to data from the 1992 National Health and Social Life Survey, reported in the February 10, 1999 issue of Journal of American Medical Association, sexual dysfunction is highly associated with negative experiences in sexual relationships and overall well-being. The results indicate that sexual dysfunction is an important public health concern, and emotional problems likely contribute to the experience of these problems.

This study is considered the first serious update of the Kinsey Report since publication of that classic work in 1948. The authors of this important study were: Edward O. Laumann, Ph.D., Anthony Paik, M.A. and Raymond C. Rosen, Ph.D. Dr. Laumann was quoted by CNN as saying that the findings of this research explain the enormous popularity of Viagra, an extensive USRF study of which has been recently posted online.

Read the abstract from JAMA.

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