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Figure 5. The PCA3 Pioneers.

A. William B. Isaacs, Ph.D., the scientist in whose laboratory at the Brady Urological Institute of Johns Hopkins University PCA3 was discovered.
B. Marion Bussemakers, Ph.D., the young post-doctoral scholar from Holland, who came to Isaacs' lab in the early 1990s and whose experiments there led to the actual discovery of the new gene.
C. Jack Schalken, Ph.D., the Dutch biochemist who first translated the basic science of DD3 (PCA3) from laboratory to a clinical application, working in his facilities in Nijmigen, The Netherlands.
D. Yves Fradet, M.D., the Canadian urologist who obtained the patent for DD3, developed a prototype urine assay called uPM3, founded a company to pursue its clinical application (DiagnoCure), and instituted the trials that established the relevance of testing for prostate cancer with the gene.

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