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New Nature Urology Journal launched
with Peter Scardino as Editor-in-Chief

December, 2004

December, 2004 -- A new urology journal, officially titled Nature Clinical Practice Urology, was launched at the end of 2004. The parent journal Nature is said to be currently the "most cited of all biomedical journals." Peter Scardino, urology chairman at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, is the founding editor-in-chief of Nature's urology offspring.

The newest urology periodical aims to help translate latest findings into clinical practice. As opposed to most other urology journals, Nature Urology appears to publish only articles that are commissioned by the journal; suggestions are said to be welcome. Nature was first published in 1869 and is perhaps best known for publishing the original DNA article by Watson and Crick in 1953. This history aside, the Nature family of publications is now distinguished by a sleek, contemporary internet presence and a major focus on molecular biology.

In his introductory comment, "Why a new journal," Dr. Scardino states, "...of the top 10 biomedical journals published at least monthly, eight are Nature branded titles and, of the review journals in this category, Nature Publishing Group publishes the top five. Clearly this is a publishing group that knows its business." To accomplish the journal's mission, an international advisory board of distinguished urology-related experts has been assembled.


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