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Impotency Update: Viagra

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The Effect of Sildenafil on Male Erectile Dysfunction USRF

A USRF stufy to determine the efficacy of sildenafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in a clinical practice setting; to evaluate the correlation between patient and partner perceptions of treatment outcomes; and to assess the relationship between the severity of ED and response to treatment.

No adverse cardiovascular effectspdf

Reassuring results of a University of Pennsylvania study of Viagra on cardiovascular effects in men with severe coronary artery disease.

Viagra and Women

A selection of sources examining the effects of Viagra on Women, links to initial research on Sexual Disfunction and drug therapy.

Usage in U.S., March 2000

Usage data for Viagra in the United States.

Viagra over the Internet

A look at the illegal, non-prescription online market for Viagra that popped up as soon as the drug was approved.

Viagra quote of the Year

A cogent prediction about Viagra by Gruntal & Co. analyst David Saks.

New Package insert pdf

View Pfizer's 20 page Viagra package insert.

Sex Science Timeline

Men's Journal's chronology of important events in the history of sex research is clever, reasonably accurate, and entertaining.

Viagra-Nitrate Interactions

A list of some commonly prescribed nitrates by class.

How Viagra Works

A chemical explanation of the working of Viagra.

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