Joseph J. Kaufman

Video Tribute to JJK

Joseph J. Kaufman, M.D., Urology Department Chairman at UCLA from 1970 - 1984, died March 11 while swimming in the Pacific ocean near his home in Maui. He was 78 and had been in poor health following several strokes. During a long and distinguished career, he received virtually every honor that organized urology had to bestow. In addition, he trained hundreds of young urologists, most of whom moved on to distinguished careers of their own. He will be long remembered by his numerous students, friends and colleagues, who honored him in 1994 with a retirement gift, a piano, bearing the inscription, "Physician, Teacher, Inspiration, Friend." His contributions have been memorialized in the annual Joe Kaufman Lectureship at UCLA, established in 1997 with Peter T. Scardino, M.D.---a UCLA urology graduate---as the first honoree.

Pictured at a 1994 urology meeting are (left to right),
Joe Kaufman, Peter Scardino, chairman of the urology department
at Baylor College of Medicine and the first Joe Kaufman Lecturer,
and Leonard Marks, founder of USRF and also a UCLA urology graduate.

Professor Kaufman was a frequent visitor to USRF.

In Memoriam


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