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Men's Health Questionnaires

Standardized questionnaires, like the ones listed below, are now being widely used to evaluate common concerns in the "Men's Health" population. As a public service, we provide interactive versions of some of the more popular questionnaires and tell you how to interpret the scores. Each questionnaire has been validated in population-based studies.

Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator

Using data from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, in which thousands of men underwent prostate biopsy regardless of serum PSA level, Dr. Ian Thompson provides us with this tool to determine an individual's risk of cancer on biopsy.

Diagnostic tool for erectile function

What constitutes erectile dysfunction of severity sufficient for treatment?

Prostate Cancer and Other Causes of Death Are Viewed Through a Different Window

What are your chances of living/dying in the next 10 years?

International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS)
(Formerly known as American Urological Association BPH Symptom Index

Are your urinary symptoms part of normal aging, or do they warrant medical attention?

PSA Velocity Calculator

Is your PSA level rising at a normal rate, or is it rising too rapidly, suggesting the possibility of prostate cancer?

Male Menopause ("Andropause") Quiz

Depressed? Decreased sex drive? No energy? 'Out of shape?' Maybe your testosterone (male hormone) level is abnormally low.

Predicting Prostate Cancer Stage
(Newest Partin Table Data)

"What is the probability of a localized, curable, tumor?"
Find out here, based on test results in 5000 men studied at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

NIH Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index

Are your urinary symptoms caused by chronic prostatitis?

Note that these tests are for the purpose of self-evaluation only, and the results are being monitored by no one but you.

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