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A. Prostate Cancer

  1. Dr. Marks explains the impact the PSA testing has had on prostate cancer (1)

  2. Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy: Classic Video (9) Quicktime

  3. Gary Miller's Computer Modeling of Prostate Cancer (1) Quicktime

  4. Television Coverage of Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial on CNN (2) Quicktime

  5. Subcutaneous Implant for 1 year Leuprolide Delivery (1) Quicktime

B. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

  1. BPH patient Earl Eskridge shares a real-life TUMT experience (9) Quicktime

  2. September marks first National Prostate Health month (1) Quicktime

  3. Video Explanations of Alcohol Ablation (3) Quicktime

C. Uro-Comedy

  1. Psycho cop gets 'prostrate' check (Nick Forrester) (1) Quicktime

  2. Zany Comedian Tom Green Speaks (and Sings) for Testicular Cancer (2) Quicktime

  3. Jack Nicholson: "Did you take Viagra today?"(from Something's Gotta Give) (1) Quicktime

  4. Hugh Hefner Likes it... (1) Quicktime

  5. See how the jokesters at Saturday Night Live treat Viagra! (1) Quicktime

  6. Viagra push-ups! (1) Quicktime

  7. The Prostate Exam (1) Quicktime

D. History of Urology

  1. Charles B. Huggins, M.D. Urology's Nobel Laureate on Film! (5) Quicktime

  2. Video tribute to Joseph J. Kaufman, M.D. (1) Quicktime

  3. A Closure comes to the Tuskegee Study (5) Quicktime

E. Other

  1. New Incontinence Medication Trial at USRF (1) Quicktime

  2. Giles Brindley, Ph.D, demonstrates corporal smooth muscle relaxation (2) Quicktime


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