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Uro-Link May 2008
American Urological Association

AUA Meeting in Orlando!

Uro-Link April 2008

Excellent Testosterone
Starting Point

Uro-Link March 2008
Living to 100

Longevity indicator from
Boston U. Centenarian Study.

Uro-Link February 2008

Free & often updated, Wikipedia is a
helpful starting point for medical info.

Uro-Link December 2007
Merck Medicus Urology

MerckMedicus has a urology section:
Free textbooks, a slide bank, patient handouts,
and lots more.

Uro-Link November 2007
Urologic Diseases in America

This project aims to quantify the burden
of urologic disease on the American public.

Uro-Link August/Sept 2007

Looking for a 'man-o-gram,'
this non-profit is sponsoring a major prostate
event Sept. 15 in Washington, DC.

Uro-Link July/August 2007
BMC Urology

BioMed Central Journals are
open-access, peer-reviewed,
indexed, and founded by
Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus.

Uro-Link June 2007

A longitudinal database of
11,000 men with prostate cancer

Uro-Link April / May 2007
American Urological Association

17,000 expected to attend world's
biggest urology meeting!

Uro-Link February 2007

An excellent collection
of urology related video clips

Uro-Link January 2007

An inclusive Urology
entry point to the WWW

Uro-Link December 2006
Science Daily

Health & medicine news from major
research organizations

Uro-Link November 2006

If you miss a conference, this
site will tell you all about it!

Uro-Link October 2006
National Prostate Cancer Coalition

Now 10 Years old, NPCC
is largest of the CaP advocacy groups

Uro-Link September 2006
Health on the Net

The Leading Org for Guiding
Reliable Health Info Online

Uro-Link August 2006
Men's Health

A Major Men's Health resource from the
U.S. Center for Disease Control

Uro-Link May 2006
2006 AUA Meeting

World's Biggest and Best
Urology Meeting!

USRF Featured Presentations

Uro-Link March 2006

Men Have Shorter Lives than Women!
MHN aims to fix this!!

Uro-Link Jan/Feb 2006

Blogging is big, and while we can't
vouch for all the content, this prostate blog
will be of interest to many.

Uro-Link October 2005

Authoritative Info for
MDs and Patients.
Includes updated Prostate Cancer Guidelines.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

More than 3 Million men
screened since 1989,
THAT week is here again:

Sept 18-24

Uro-Link July 2005
Clinical Knowledge Database

An excellent urology textbook, updated 24/7,
is part of this all-free "largest and most
current clinical knowledge database."


Quality info here for ~25 million Americans with
incontinence and their caregivers.

AUA 2005

World's largest urology meeting is this month in Texas.
If you didn't make the meeting, catch the webcast here.

Uro-Link March/April 2005
Johns Hopkins Urology

A mecca of urology, "The Brady" has a new chief:
Dr. Alan Partin

Uro-Link January/February 2005
About Prostate Cancer

A prostate cancer story of the day' is featured here,
the work of a journalist, who scours the world's
dailies to give current info.

Uro-Link December 2005

Nature, world's most cited medical journal, has just
added a urology offspring (fully free for now)

Uro-Link November 2004
Reviews in Urology

One of the best of the free urology journals.
Free pdf files of all articles!

Uro-Link October 2004
American Foundation for Urologic Disease

Major source of R&D in urology
has a new website!

Uro-Link August 2004

This Anglo-American site does a great job of
"translating research into clinical practice"

Uro-Link July 2004

Michael Kattan of Memorial Sloan/Kettering
has provided a calculator for it!

Uro-Link June 2004
ASCO Meeting

ASCO, world's premier cancer meeting, is this month.
Abstracts, daily news, a 'virtual' meeting and more!

Uro-Link May 2004
2004 AUA

10K doctors and 5K exhibitors
for the world's biggest urology meeting,
AUA in San Francisco this month!!

Uro-Link April 2004
Doctor's Guide

Updated almost daily, this site allows for easy
access to important urology news and publications

Uro-Link March 2004

An amazing collection of prostate animations!

Uro-Link February 2004
Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Slides from meeting presentations make this
site a valuable resource

Uro-Link January 2004

If you like your Men's Health News 'a la video',
you will certainly enjoy Healthology on ABC.com

Uro-Link November 2003

The Online Gold Journal has a sleek, new design.
Be sure to check out the Video Collection!

Uro-Link October 2003
Prous Science

Updated daily, this 'info-portal' offers rich,
pertinent, and "timely" material in urology.

Uro-Link September 2003
Prostate Cancer Awareness

September 14-20 is Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

Uro-Link August 2003
The New Competitors to Viagra:

The coming challenges to Viagra from their
Big Pharma makers: Bayer (Levitra) and LillyIcos (Cialis)

Uro-Link July 2003
National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute
sponsored the
landmark Prostate Cancer
Prevention Trial
and is a basic starting point
for all cancer info.

Uro-Link June 2003
The Hormone Foundation

From The Endocrine Society comes this
Testosterone information for men.

Uro-Link May 2003
2003 AUA Webcast from Chicago

State-of-the-art Lectures and more!

Uro-Link April 2003

Chicago AUA meeting

The World's Biggest and Best Urology
Meeting starts April 26 in Chicago!

Uro-Link February 2003

Urology Health

For clear, unbiased patient information about
urologic disorders, this site serves a
valuable public service.

Uro-Link January 2003

Public Library of Science

Harold Varmus, Nobel Laureate and former NIH Director,
hopes to completely revamp delivery
of scientific publications.

Uro-Link December 2002

An advertising-free medical portal designed for physicians and other healthcare providers

"Your Key to the Medical Internet"

Uro-Link November 2002

Contemporary Radical Prostatectomy in Step-by-Step Detail

A pioneer in web-based service to urology now offers free CME online!

Uro-Link October 2002
A pioneer in web-based service to urology now offers free CME online!
Uro-Link September 2002
Prostate Cancer Education Council
Now the prostate cancer "awareness" movement has a website.
Uro-Link August 2002
National Center for
Complementary and Alternative

Many urologic conditions lend to alternative treatments. This site is an excellent starting point for WWW browsers!
Uro-Link June/July 2002
Medscape Urology
News, CME, conference coverage, and more warrant a second link-of-month citation for this major site.

Uro-Link April/May 2002
2002 Annual Meeting of American Urological Association
AUA conducts a wide range of activities to ensure that more than 13,000 members stay current on the latest research and best practices in the field of urology.

Uro-Link March 2002
Urology Network

A web-center for European urology, this site is rich in material for both patients and physicians

Uro-Link February 2002

New England
Journal of Medicine

Now free in Afghanistan (and other low-income countries), the NEJM has just become 'downloadable' to your PDA!
Advances in NEJM E-pages

Uro-Link January 2002

Urology Times
One of the first and one of the best of the urology news magazines, Urology Times has a fresh website!

Uro-Link December 2001

Compiled by the Johns Hopkins staff, the Urology section deserves a prime "favorite" linkage!

Uro-Link November 2001

Google Image Search
The Google Image Search has thousands of urology-related images in a searchable database. We've not seen anything to compare with this!

Uro-Link September / October 2001

Seattle Prostate Institute
A brachytherapy mecca, S.P.I. also has a very educational website.

Uro-Link August 2001

Cornell University Urology Department
This new website features a remarkable collection of educational videos for both doctors and patients.

Uro-Link July 2001

An outstanding daily literature update for the busy urologist.

Uro-Link June 2001

Authored entirely by physicians and nurses, rather than marketing people, the U. Penn. Cancer Center is one of the best.

Uro-Link April / May 2001

AUA National Convention
It's time to start planning for the annual AUA meeting: June 2-7 Anaheim, CA
USRF is presenting 4 abstracts

Uro-Link March 2001

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases
Now 50 years old, this institute is America's "home base" for urology research.

Uro-Link February 2001

European Association of Urology
EAU has a rich and varied site. Annual meeting at Geneva this April.

Uro-Link January 2001

The Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate:
CaP CURE is the world's largest private source of prostate cancer research funding.

Uro-Link December 2000

Lance Armstrong Foundation
Testicular Cancer: One Amazing Man CAN Make a Difference!

Uro-Link November 2000

National Prostate Cancer Coalition
For all kinds of prostate cancer news and a free newsletter
e-mailed twice weekly, this site deserves a major bookmark.

Uro-Link October 2000

National Institute of Aging
Urology has always been a 'Senior Citizens Center,'
and this site is an excellent resource for related information.

Uro-Link September 2000

Loyola University Health System
The newest university uro-website
(Loyola) is an excellent resource

Uro-Link August 2000


Your gateway to the most recent, comprehensive information
from the National Cancer Institute.

Uro-Link July 2000

The nation's foremost consumer protection agency. Includes
full transcripts of new drug hearings at the FDA.

Uro-Link June 2000

PSA Rising
Newsy and quite contemporary, this site has improved greatly
and now seems to offer something for everyone
interested in prostate cancer.

Uro-Link May 2000

Independent testing lab shows right and wrong saw palmetto extracts.

Uro-Link April 2000

AUA Atlanta 2000
The world's largest urology meeting started in Atlanta on April 29.
The 1905 abstracts are searchable here!.

Uro-Link March 2000

Cancer Information Network
This website is a rich source of valuable information,
for both lay and professional browsers.

Uro-Link February 2000

The Journal of Urology
The official journal of the AUA now offers
an electronic version of full text and graphics
free to all print subscribers.

Uro-Link January 2000

An online Physician's Desk Reference is a very useful tool!
IT'S FREE, too!!!

Uro-Link December 1999

American Cancer Society
A man with prostate cancer could start his info-search
at no better place than the Resource Center
of the American Cancer Society!

Uro-Link November 1999

The Prostatitis Foundation calls itself
"the best site on the internet to find out about protatitis,"
and it may well be!

Uro-Link October 1999

The Prostatitis Foundation
The Prostatitis Foundation calls itself
"the best site on the internet to find out about
protatitis," and it may well be!

Uro-Link September 1999

The research and education arm
of the American Urological Association
is sponsor of Prostate Health Month.

Uro-Link August 1999

The Urology video section
on this patient-oriented website is remarkable!

Uro-Link July 1999

Medscape Urology
A true portal for urology information on the Web:
News, meeting reports, socio-economics, topical features,
and much more!

Uro-Link June 1999

Prostate Pointers
"... a full spectrum of information about prostate cancer.
and general problems of the prostate."

Uro-Link May 1999

American Urological Association
It's AUA time again! See you in Dallas.

Uro-Link March 1999

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
An unmatched source of focused, authoritative guidelines for common clinical problems.

Uro-Link February 1999

Medline Plus
News, current medical literature, an atlas, and more at this site empower medical consumers and doctors alike.

Uro-Link January 1999

Top 10 Health Stories of '98 (Viagra is No. 2).

Uro-Link December 1998

Contemporary Urology
For practicing urologists, this magazine may be the
best of the GU 'throwaways;' the graphics are
splendid; and an index of all available articles is
published on their website.

Uro-Link November 1998


The Journal of the American Medical Association

America's oldest premier medical association
has a sleek, contemporary website --
easily the best medical journal website we've seen!

Uro-Link October 1998

The most important directory on the internet
has an amazing Health section!

Uro-Link September 1998

Urology and andrology links on the Web.

Uro-Link July/August 1998

Daily FDA updates on medical product safety
(not only Viagra)

Uro-Link June 1998

Look to Europe for '98 AUA Meeting Report

Special Uro-Link of the Month

May 1998
Viagra Resources and Forum

Uro-Link May 1998

Official AUA site includes information on the upcoming
Annual meeting in San Diego
May 30 - June 4, 1998

Uro-Link April 1998

Johns Hopkins Univ. Urology

Uro-Link March 1998

Official Site of Prostate Health Council

Uro-Link February 1998

A QuickTime animation of radical prostatectomy.


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