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Celebrities with Prostate Cancer

Senator Bob Dole was one of the first celebrities to "go public" with his prostate cancer. The year was 1992. Since then, many other high-profile men with prostate cancer have made a similar decision. Their stories---how they were diagnosed, what treatments they selected, how they've fared, and what impact the disease has had on their lives---are told here to help others cope. Increased public awareness, which was stimulated by the efforts of these men, has led to increased federal funding and a declining mortality rate of this disease.

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A. Those who chose surgery

Contemporary radical prostatectomy, as performed at Johns Hopkins University, is shown here.

Bob Dole - U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate
Norman Schwarzkopf - Retired General
Richard Mueller - Director of FBI
Arnold Palmer - Professional Golfer
Joe Torre - New York Yankees Manager

B. Those who chose radiation therapy

Modern prostate X-ray therapy, as performed at Seattle Prostate Institute, is shown here.

Andy Grove - President and CEO of Intel Corporation
Rudolph Giuliani - New York City Mayor
Chuck Tanner - Former Pittsburgh Pirates Manager

C. Those who were diagnosed too late

Steve Ross - Former Chairman of Time-Warner Inc.
Telly Savalas - Actor
Billy Bixby - Actor
Steve Ross
Former Chairman
Time-Warner Inc.
1927 - 1993
Telly Savalas
1924 - 1994
Jerry Orbach
Linus Pauling - Famous scientist and winner of two Nobel Prizes
Frank Zappa - Famous Musician

Linus Pauling, Ph.D.
Scientist, Two-time Nobel Prize Winner
1901 - 1994

Frank Zappa
1941 - 1993
Timothy Leary
LSD Advocate
Diagnosed: January, 1995
1920 - 1996

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