USRF Research


10 Foibles of PSA Testing
- USRF, 1st Quarter 2007

USRF Saw Palmetto Archive
- USRF, 1st Quarter 2007

Prostate Cancer Prevention with Finasteride (PROSCAR)
- USRF, Summer 2003

Proscar, Cardura, Placebo Compared in MTOPS BPH Study
- USRF, 3rd Quarter 2002

PC-SPES Roundtable Conference
- USRF, 4th Quarter 2001

Androgen Deprivation Treatment. Part I. History
- USRF, 2nd Quarter 2001

Male Menopause - Does it Exist?
- USRF, 3rd Quarter 2000

New Guidelines for PSA Testing Issued by American Urological Association
- USRF, 1st Quarter 2000

New Oral Medications Offer Real Help for Many with Urinary Incontinence!
- USRF, 4th Quarter 1999

Bike Riding and Urologic Trauma
- USRF, 2nd Quarter 1999

Urology and the Alternative Medicine Juggernaut
- USRF, 1st Quarter 1999

Update on Male Erectile Dysfundtion (MED): Sildenafil (Viagra), Part II
- USRF, Fall 1998

Impotency Update: Sildenafil (Viagra)
- USRF, Spring 1998

Role of Finasteride (Proscar) Clarified by New Information
- USRF, March 1998

Prostatron Arrives in California!
- USRF, January 1998

A New Remedy for Urethral Syndrome May Be On The Horizon
- USRF, Fall 1997

USRF looks at this new treatment option, including an illustrated tour of the procedure.
USRF celebrates it's fifth anniversary.
- USRF, Summer 1997

Is herbal therapy useful in the treatment of men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia?
- USRF, Spring 1997

A brief look at recent research into herbal treatments for prostate disorders.
How does electrovaporization stack up to laser prostatectomy?
- Urology Times, June 1996; Vol. 24, No. 6

Two highly effective treatments for prostatic obstruction are compared.

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